Plastic Mixers

Plastic raw material mixers

Plastic raw material mixers

Plastic raw materials such as pellets and flakes are mixed with additives homogenously by using our mixers.

Optionally a hot air blower can be attached which dry material and remove humidity. With this presedures your final product can be better quality without wastage.

Steel Pipe Plastic Coating Lines

Steel Pipe Plastic Coating Lines

Steel pipe plastic coating extruder

Netplasmak produces extrusion lines for coating PE film over steel pipes.

Steel pipes used particularly for water, oil, gas pipelines are coated with polyethylene.

We produce complete extruders to coat steel pipes first with adhesive and then protective polyethylene coatings.

Many steel pipes used in big infrastructure and hydrocarbon energy transmit lines all over the world are coated by extrusion lines of our production.

PVC Profile Pipe Lines

PVC Profile Pipe Lines


Specifications Ekstruder 90 Ekstruder 67 Ekstruder 50
Screw Diameter 90 mm 67 mm 50 mm
Screw Length(L/D) 20 22 20
Main Motor Power 45 kw(AC) 30 kw(AC) 12 kw(AC)
Gearbox Ratio 1/27 1/20 1/18
Gearbox Ratio 45 45 40
Barrel Heat Zones 7 6 4
Barrel Heat Power 24 20 12
Barrel Cooling Zones 4 4 2
Hopper Motor Power 1,5 kw 1,1 kw 0,75 kw
Vacuum Pump Motor Power 2,2 kw 1,5 kw 0,5 kw
Max. Capacity/Pipe 250 kg/h 130 kg/h 70 kg/h
Max. Capacity/Profile 150 kg/h 120 kg/h 50 kg/h
Total Power 100 kw 70 kw 40 kw



Extruder Screw Barrels

Extruder screw and barrel

Screws and barrels for extruders

We supply screws and barrels in any diameter for extrusion processes. We produce extruder screw and barrels in any diameter from different types of steel depending on customer requirement.

Plastic extrusion is a process of melting and passing through plastic resin inside a barrel by force of screw rotating inside. At the end of barrel melt plastic formed by a die or mould acording to required parameters.

Diameters are between Ø45 - Ø250mm.

Materials are DIN 8550 - DIN 4140 special nitration hardened.

We produce screw and barrels for: recycling machines,enjection machines,film and bag machines, PVC granules (double screw) and for all other plastic granule extruders.