Plastic Granule Machines


Granule Extruder Machine

Granule machines are extruders used for recycling-reclaiming waste plastic to produce raw material. Netplasmak manufactures granule extruders to be used for recycling polyethylene, polypropylene and other types of polymers.

Used plastic is first processed in a agglomerator or crushing machine for size reduction and material uniformity which exist in Netplasmak's production line.

After preprocessing polymer, product is fed into granulator to produce granule raw material. We produce every granule machine to meet exact needs of our costumers.

50-1000kg/hour capacity

We have special screw and barrel designs for all type of plastics PE, PP, LDPE, HDPE, PVC, ABS,PET, PS, PC, EPS

Screw's material is DIN 1.8550 or DIN 1.4140, with special hardening its life-time will be long.

Thanks to special ceramic heaters, heat stays in the machine and initial warm-up time is reduced and energy saving constantly be ensured.

With PLC control system, you can control all the heat zones, cutters, hourly capacity. PLC prevent errors caused by the operator.

Granule extruders has different sizes of screen changers. Nitrogen hydraulic unit changes filter screen within less than 1 second. In the die there is a pressure sensor. When the filter is full, the sensor gauge the pressure and change it automatically.

Washing and Separation Systems

Plastic washing line

Recoverable plastics coming from domestic waste end up mostly in landfills. Strong polymer chains in plastic are extremely resistant to natural bio degradation processes. Therefore landfills are overloaded with plastic wastes shortening lifespan of these landfills.
Since many municipalities or garbage collection companies are realizing value in garbage, sorting facilities sector is growing up to recover packaging waste. But plastics which recovered from domestic waste are highly contaminated with organic waste.
Another important source for recoverable plastics are agricultural sector. Plastics coming from end of use waste in agriculture such as greenhouse covers, irrigation pipes create thousand of tons of waste plastics every year. These plastics waste also contain contaminants, such as dirt, sand, mud etc.
There are many other sectors creating tons of waste plastics which can be recovered.
For recovering these kind of plastics, plastic washing lines are necessary.
We produce plastic wash lines which effectively clean plastics from contaminants.

Double Shaft Shredders


Double-shaft shredders are built to process many different kinds of waste streams in large volumes. Geometry of the shredder blades can be customized depending on material to be shredded. Two counter rotating shafts with special design blades and spacer combs placed between blades and attached to shredding chamber walls cut material into pieces with great force.

Blade hooks creates scissors action on any kind of hard to process materials. Heavy duty structure of the double shaft shredders and their exclusive cutting system allow these machines to cope with the processing of waste which is harder to manage such as, oversized waste or cut resistant waste. In case of a jamming, blades counter rotate in order to eliminate blockage. The process is automatically controlled by a PLC system which can be programmed through the touch screen display.

Single Shaft Shredders

Single shaft shredders

Shredder's rotating blades can be replaced easily and quickly by unscrewing just one bolt.

Single shaft shredders are suitable to process waste materials which cannot be cut by using other types of size reduction machines.

Waste materials which is very large in size or resistant to cutting action of other types of crushers and shredders can be recycled with single shaft shredders.

Small sized rotating blades of single shaft shredders tear a small particle of material in each pass. By this way hard to process material sizes can be reduced easyly and effectively.

They are constructed very strong to last longer.

Single shaft shredders are equipped with sieves. By changing with proper hole sized sieves, output material particle size can be determined.

single shaft shredder

Conical Granule Machines

Conical Granule Extruder

Conical granule extruders are used for recycling polyethylene film and similar materials.

Because of it’s screw shape, this extruders can be used for recycling plastics directly without preprocessing such as crushing or agglomeration.

Loose materials such as shopping bag clippings can be recycled and transformed into pellets by using conical granule extruders.

It is very cost effective way for polyethylene or polypropylene film manufacturers to recycle their own waste and use it again for manufacturing.

Plastic material is melted by extrusion and filtered using melt filter.

Our conical granule extruders use air cooling system which cool down output pellets by using double blower and double silos.

So it is very simple and efficient way of recycling bulk plastic material particularly manufacturer's own waste.

Crushing Machines



Crushing machines are very important part of recycling of waste materials. Crushing machines grind waste stream such as plastic waste material and convert waste into uniform commodities in desired size for easy recycling. Netplasmak manufactures different sizes of crushing machines depending on material types and capacity requirements of customers.

We can produce from 50kg/hour capacity crushers-granulators up to 2000kg/hour machines.

We manufacture crushers in different sizes: Our crushers are classified for rotor length and sized from 300mm. up to 1500 mm.

We produce heavy duty rotor and place bearings holders outside of the main body so that contaminated material can be wet crushed.

Compact design reduced space requirement.

Plastic Micronizing Machines

Plastic Micronizing Machine

Micronizer machines are used for converting plastic resins such as pellets or flakes into powder form.

In certain processes plastic resin has to be in the form of powder in order to produce final products. For example rotational molding process require micron level powder resin to manufacture products such as drums, water tanks, containers etc. Plastic coloring additives of masterbatches are produces by using powdered resins.

For this purpose we produce plastic micronizing machines.

Micronizer machines convert plastic resin by processing it with circular rotating and statuary blades. High speed rotating blade with statuary counter blade grind plastic resin into fine powder.

Conical Press


Plastic Recycling Conical Press

Conical press machines are used for removing water from thin walled plastic material in the recycling process. After washing of the loose thin walled plastics, removing water from reclaimed plastic is a challenging task. Our conical press machines squeeze plastic scrap under high mechanical pressure and due to the perforated barrel of extrusion machine, water can be removed from plastic effectively.

Agglomeration Machines

Agglomerator Machines

Agglomeration machines are a cost efficent way of recycling thin walled polymers.

Agglomeration machines are used for physically transform loose plastic material into chips suitable to be fed the hopper of an extruder.

Agglomerator is a cylinder with five to nine stationary and two rotating blades at the bottom which create friction and heat.

This process causes material to reach to the softening point. In this stage, operator add some water to create a kind of shock.

After water evaporates, material comes out from pneumatic operated discharge door as chips.

Agglomerators can be used as material drier and densifier. Netplasmak manufactures agglomerators in various drum sizes.

Ø600-Ø800-Ø900-Ø1000-Ø1100-Ø1200-Ø1300-Ø1400- Ø1500mm drum sizes. The capacity is between 100kg/hour-1000kg/hour.

Centrifuge Separator

Centrifuge Separator ( PET , PE , PP )

Centrifuge Separator Machine

Centrifuge is a piece of machine, that puts an object in rotation around a fixed axis, applying a force perpendicular to the axis. The centrifuge machine works using the sedimentation principle, where the centripetal accelaration causes denser subtances to seperate out along the radial direction.

Capacity is 2000kg/hour for PET recycling , 1000kg/hour for plastic(PE,PP) recycling.


Separator (PET, PE, PP)

Plastic washing separator

Separators are the most important machine for washing lines. It is used for washing plastics 1000 rpm and separate material by friction.

The length is 2500 mm, the diameter is Ø300 mm.

If you want to use the separator for different materials, you'll only change the sieve inside of the machine.