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About Us

Netplasmak enterance
We are proud to announce that we have moved to our new manufacturing facility of 12000 sq m to serve our customer better. By relocating our factory, we have strengthened our production capabilities greatly. By adding new state of the art computer controlled machining facilities, we are able to produce more machines in timely manner.

Corporate information

Net Plasmak Machinery comp. producing recycling machines since 1980 on 15.000 square meter production area.

Net Plasmak’s success lies in essence of quality and production concept and also provides a best solution By listening and responding to our customers needs and requirements

Net Plasmak made its first export in 1992 and also exports more than %60 of the high quality production to over 30 countries.

Countries that we export to are Germany, France, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Greece, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, S. Arabia and more.

Our Main Plastic Recycling Production line and Turnkey Installation;

  • Solid Waste Disposal Lines (Waste Disposal Systems)
  • Plastic Recycling Lines (PE / PP / PVC / PS / PET)
  • Automobile and Truck Tire Recycling Lines (ÖTL)
  • Rubber Recycling Lines

Some of the machines in this line; Shredder machines, Crushers, Granule Extruder, Agglomeration Machines, FILM Dewatering Machines, Screw and Barrel, Centrifuges, Melt Filters, Mikronize Machines.

We are serving in HADIMKOY-ISTANBUL with over 70 well experienced expert staff.

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