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Agglomeration Machines

Agglomeration Machines

Agglomeration Machines

Agglomeration machines are a cost efficent way of recycling thin walled polymers.

Agglomeration machines are used for physically transform loose plastic material into chips suitable to be fed the hopper of an extruder.

Agglomerator is a cylinder with five to nine stationary and two rotating blades at the bottom which create friction and heat.

This process causes material to reach to the softening point. In this stage, operator add some water to create a kind of shock.

After water evaporates, material comes out from pneumatic operated discharge door as chips.

Agglomerators can be used as material drier and densifier. Netplasmak manufactures agglomerators in various drum sizes.

Ø600-Ø800-Ø900-Ø1000-Ø1100-Ø1200-Ø1300-Ø1400- Ø1500mm drum sizes. The capacity is between 100kg/hour-1000kg/hour.

Model No.NPA60 NPA80 NPA100NPA120NPA130NPA140NPA150
Body Diameter (mm)6080100120130140150
Stationary Blades2222222
Fixed Blades555 – 75 – 75 – 77 – 97 – 9
Weight (kg)2000250040004500600070008000
Drive (kW)37-455575-9090-110110-132132-160160-200
Capacity (kg/h)50-120120-220200-350350-1000350-500500-700600-1000

Motor power and other properties of plastic agglomerators are customized depending on plastic material types to be recycled.

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