Plastic extrusion technology

Conical Granule Machines

Conical Granule Extruder

Conical granule extruders are used for recycling polyethylene film and similar materials.

Because of it’s screw shape, this extruders can be used for recycling plastics directly without preprocessing such as crushing or agglomeration.

Loose materials such as shopping bag clippings can be recycled and transformed into pellets by using conical granule extruders.

It is very cost effective way for polyethylene or polypropylene film manufacturers to recycle their own waste and use it again for manufacturing.

Plastic material is melted by extrusion and filtered using melt filter.

Our conical granule extruders use air cooling system which cool down output pellets by using double blower and double silos.

So it is very simple and efficient way of recycling bulk plastic material particularly manufacturer's own waste.

Conical Granule Extruder

Model No. NPKG-110X70 NPKG-130X80 NPKG-145X100
Drive (kW) 22 37 45
Screw Diameter (mm) 110X70 130X80 145X90
Screw Length (mm) 2300 2700 2800
Capacity (kg/h) 50-100 80-150 120-200
Barrel Heaters (kW) 20 25 30
Weight (kg) 2200 2500 3000