PET Bottle Recycling Line

PET Recycling line

This line is designed to reclaim presorted PET bottles with many years of experience.

A perforated rotating trommel is placed at the beginning of the line. Trommel removes heavy particles such as stones or sand. (A bale opener can be placed at the beginning of the line if PET material is coming as bales.)

A sorting conveyor is placed next to trommel. PET bottles are presorted manually. Foreign matters, particularly PVC bottles are removed by experienced workers. At this stage color separation is done as well. (An automatic sorting system can be placed instead of manual sorting.) Loading conveyor feeds PET bottles in a regular manner to crushing machine.

Crushing machine converts PET bottles into certain sized PET flakes. Water is fed by spraying nozzles into crushing chamber and dirt is removed and pre washing is achieved by this process. An auger at the bottom of crusher collect and carries flakes to next step.

Next step is a pool which is separating caps and labels from flakes. Caps and labels are mostly made of polypropylene (PP) and float on water while PET material sink. Spray nozzles which is located on pool force cap and label pieces to overflow into removal auger.

Auger placed at the bottom of the pool carries PET flakes to the end of the pool while removing PP material by a mixing action. PET flakes discharged from the pool by another elevator.

In the next step, a vertical separator removes dirt and water from PET flakes surface and conveys flakes to second float-sink pool. After second pool another vertical separator bring material to chemical washing tanks.

In chemical washing unit, PET flakes are washed with hot water and chemicals in order to remove glue and dirt on surface of PET flakes. Friction action in chemical washing unit help remove glue and dirt.

Digital dosaging pump with pHmeter keeps pH level of the solution in certain level ensuring washing action is effective all of the time. Two hot washing basins are located at the line which make operation continuous.

PET material which is coming out of washing unit enter into neutralizing unit. Neutralizing unit removes washing chemicals ensuring PET flakes are free from chemical contamination. Vertical separator removes dirt and water from PET flakes and conveys flakes to third float sink pool.

Final sink-float pool removes remaining caps and label residues while rinsing material. Vertical separator remove excess water and then centrifuge separator removes water from PET flakes bringing down humidity level below 1%.

Then a second crusher bring flake size down to 10 – 12 mm. Which is industry standard. At the end of the line, PET flakes are transferred by a blower to bagging silo. Stored into big bags, PET flakes would be ready for shipment.

PET bottle recycling line

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